• Wed, 2017-04-12 15:14

                    As you all know started to deactivate peoples accounts due to copyright infringements. Our team got wiped out and we can't provide any more links in There for we need to find an alternative file hosting to replace We advice you not buy or extend your premium account cos in a near future the company will be closed and the reason for it is obvious. On the other hand rapidgator .net is a good file hosting company and we suggest you if you like to try them please buy a premium from one of our uploaded files or referral links and buy one month premium to test it. Thanks for understanding.

    A news blog writing about this situation:

  • Tue, 2017-04-11 20:01

    All of our accounts at are being blocked and what ever we upload there the links are not working, we will only post links until we find a good file hosting service as alternative. The situation is the same as we have it before with rapidshare, hotfile, filesonic and etc.

  • Tue, 2017-03-14 12:07

    The site will be under maintenance for 5 hours starting from 18 o'clock UTC time. We will upgrade the main software for more stability and better performance.

  • Wed, 2014-10-22 12:16

    Hi there all. I see some premium users are confused about the donation for the requests. First of all Premium Zone will be continue to exists as it is, we will update its content with all the new and popular releases ranging from movies, tv shows and etc. We can't add everything in the PZ because of a limited space on the drives. Before we decide to ask for donations for the requests there where 5 requests per day some easy and some hard to find but never the less it took precious time and work to fill this requests. I assure you all, we are not greedy about money simply requests take away time and that is the only reason we now ask for you to donate a small amount to us in order to make a request or there is another option we can quit taking any requests at all. If you have any thing to add to this statement please write in the shout box and an administrator will reply.

    Leaker TeaM 

  • Tue, 2012-03-27 18:07

    For those of you who have not yet experienced our Premium service and are still fighting and looking where to download movies, series, games, software, etc... It's time to stop looking and let us do the dirty work.
    All you have to do is purchase (or if you already have you can extend) our premium service and enjoy all the good.

    While every day another file hosting is closed we here in Leaker remain stable and updated almost every things new.

  • Tue, 2012-03-27 13:15

    We have seen a lot of people saying that the extabit is so slow and some times it fails to give stable connection. Let us explain you how one file hosting company works: First you have a group of servers starting from s001 till s... (s001 stands for server No.1 and s... for how much servers are installed) named main servers with a lot of storage space and high bandwidth from where people are downloading the files they need. So when uploader starts to add the files for example 4 parts, part1 will be uploaded to s050, part2 to s100, part3 to s009, and part4 to s069 depending what server will be free at the time of the upload. So all the part needed for the movie are scattered in different servers this is why some parts are downloaded faster then other cos of the overload of the servers. Part1 and part3 are fast but the rest are slow cos the server they are stored is overload with other files and users downloading from it. This is happening when the file host get popular and a lot of users are becoming premium, so when the file host has income and gain in popularity they upgrade their systems and server to keep all the premium users happy. But the process of the upgrade is slow cos of the physical need to order, build and install the new servers and that's why in the mean time the file host will have problems like providing stable connection and problem free download.

  • Mon, 2012-03-05 19:00

    Hi there to all users of LinkLeak as you all know we haven't have updated our main site for more then 5 days the reason is that extabit has disabled the uploads and we can't upload there all the new releases. We have decide it that the best solution is to temporally upload to a different file host like turbobit and rapidshare. We strongly recommend that you do not buy premium accounts there because when extabit unable the uploads we will go back to them and continue to use them in the future. In stead we recommend you to get premium at LinkLeak that way you'll will be up to date with the releases and you'll have a chance to test the Premium Zone. Just a note that this are hard times to all uploaders and all of you downloaders when all the file hosting sites are closing or pay pal blocked them. We will work hard to make your stay as pleasant as we can.

  • Sat, 2012-01-21 09:54

    Hi there once again to all. After a long search over the sites that provide file hosting services we have come to conclusion that all of them are backing down and discarding the affiliate programs, some of them as fileserve and filesonic has stop all the premium users to download files and start to delete uploaders account, some of them has blocked USA IP's so they will not have traffic from it. Till now file hosting operators that are based in Russia, Japan and China are still working as they never heard about all others closing the sites. We decide to test this site that seams to be stable at this point. Uploading there is with problems and we assume downloading will be the same because a lot of uploaders have start uploading there.If one of you is bold to buy premium there we suggest to use pay pal in case to make a refund. And please buy only 30 days plan that you can extend it later if all its good. That's all for now, if some thing new comes up you will be first to know here at LinkLeak.

    PS. We will try to find better service with better price and never abandon you all. also consider to buy LinkLeak premum account there we will continue to provide all popular new releases.

  • Fri, 2012-01-20 07:26

    We are sad to tell to all users that we will no longer be able to upload to Fileserve. The reason is simple same as Hotfile did, Fileserve out of the blue and with out any announcement first discontinued its affiliate plan and then start banning and disabling accounts. So this is a good buy to Fileserve and welcome to Filepost.

    The Linkleak Team. 

  • Tue, 2012-01-17 13:51

    We come to a conclusion that if we add a password for the rar files they will not be auto deleted. This is a fix for the problem we had and from now on all the files in LinkLeak will be password protected. We will use general password .We recommend to use Jdownloader download manager for downloading the files cos it auto stores the password and auto unrar the files after finishing the download so you'll never need to type the password. In case you don't use Jdownloader be sure you type the password because is case sensitive.